How CoinList offered Enterprise-grade Staking services using Luganodes’ Validator Nodes

How CoinList offered Enterprise-grade Staking services using Luganodes’ Validator Nodes

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This June, CoinList chose Luganodes as one of their trusted staking providers. Both companies are united by their commitment to providing Enterprise-grade staking experience to crypto users, investors and institutions. Let’s take a look back at this collaboration and see how it resulted in delivering value, saving 260 engineering hours and generating business growth for CoinList.

About CoinList

CoinList is a leading crypto launchpad and exchange that provides access to cutting-edge and established crypto assets. Their mission is to empower crypto builders at any stage in their journey and connect them with high-quality early adopters. Since 2017, CoinList has become the global leader in community growth, helping blue chip projects like Filecoin, Solana, Celo, Algorand, Dapper, and others connect with hundreds of thousands of new token holders. CoinList has expanded to support the full crypto lifecycle, from token sales through token distribution, trading, and staking.

Staking Service

Staking has emerged as a pivotal reward mechanism within the cryptocurrency space, holding substantial importance for investors. It offers a unique opportunity to earn passive income by participating in network validation and governance processes. By locking up tokens as collateral, investors contribute to the security and decentralisation of blockchain networks while receiving staking rewards based on Annual Percentage Rate (APR) provided by the validator. This not only helps retail users and institutions grow their cryptocurrency holdings, but also provides a hedge against price volatility, and the inflationary nature of the protocols. Ever since PoS blockchains have risen in popularity, platforms like CoinList have kept up with the industry and provided a means for users to engage in staking.

CoinList made it part of its mission to bring staking to the masses by making the user experience frictionless. In less than a few minutes, users are able to put their digital holdings to work.

Users are required to have a CoinList account, and must add their crypto assets to their CoinList wallet. Once users have been onboarded to the platform, they may take advantage of the “autostaking” feature which automatically collects monthly staking rewards into their account. However, it should be noted that some protocols still require manual staking.

Luganodes Staking Integration

CoinList makes it both rewarding and easy for users to stake by leveraging Luganodes’ engineering muscle and experience in setting up and maintaining validator nodes. This saves CoinList hundreds of hours of work and complex infrastructure building while ensuring that the staking service is in trusted hands, allowing them to focus on their users, and provide a better customer experience.

Luganodes is glad to continue its collaboration with a significant player like CoinList. Luganodes’ journey in managing staking services has been growing fast in recent years, reinforcing our position as a world-class AAA-rated staking infrastructure provider. Maintaining a consistently high uptime of 99.99% and benefiting from 24x7 node monitoring by SRE experts, Luganodes continues to expand its list of supported 30+ PoS networks. In terms of security and compliance, Luganodes is the first staking provider which adheres to SOC 2 Type II compliance, GDPR and ISO 27001 certification. With over USD $750 million in current staked assets, Luganodes is the fastest-growing staking infrastructure provider.

"Their expertise in blockchain infrastructure has not only saved us countless engineering hours but has also empowered us to deliver an enhanced and more efficient experience to our customers. With Luganodes as our partner, we can focus on providing top-notch services and innovations to our users, knowing that the foundational infrastructure is in expert hands."

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Scott Keto

COO at CoinList

White-glove Customer Experience

When CoinList came to Luganodes, they sought not only technology and staking infrastructure but also a reliable partner who shares their commitment to responsiveness and reliability.

From the planning stage to the production launch, our expert team of solutions architects, accounts managers and support agents have been promptly assisting CoinList with questions, issues or unexpected problems that showed up along the way.

As an enterprise customer at Luganodes, one also becomes an active part of the product development process, giving them the ability to impact and influence our roadmap as well as test out new features.

"Our partnership with Luganodes has been a resounding success. Their seamless solutions and unwavering support have exceeded our expectations, enabling us to continually innovate and deliver enhanced solutions to our valued clients."

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Scott Keto

COO at CoinList

Work with Luganodes

Just like Coinlist, your organisation can also take advantage of our top-tier Web3 infrastructure. As a rapidly expanding company, we are enthusiastic about forming new partnerships and cultivating enduring relationships. If our offerings resonate with your needs, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

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