Simplified Staking for Custodians

Fast forward to your staking offering. Seamlessly integrate Luganodes’ staking solution on all major PoS chains and earn staking rewards.

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Luganodes Integration:

Three Compelling Reasons for Your Custodial Solution

Staking API

A single yet full house of staking API to cover all transaction types across more than 30+ PoS networks, in addition to automated reward claiming and reporting, our staking API saves you thousands of hours of development time and project management overhead.

Institutional-grade staking provider

Leverage our SOC2 type II-compliant staking solution, supported by an advanced validator infrastructure, expertly managed in-house by our dedicated SRE team.

Fully self-managed

Your rewards and commission reports are seamlessly sent back to you via our team of SRE experts, based on your specific requirements.

Staking forms a fundamental building block of blockchain sustainability, allowing asset owners to secure the network and earn rewards in the process. While ensuring decentralisation of the networks.


  1. Tailored integrations are necessary due to the distinctive transaction formats, performance metrics, and rewards data structures of each protocol.
  2. Continuous upkeep is required after integrating a protocol, diverting engineering resources and overhead that could otherwise be allocated to launching new client facing projects.
  3. Ensuring the safety and compliance of the infrastructure within a rapidly changing environment, all while maintaining uninterrupted uptime.


  1. Ready to use Staking API for all staking transactions, reward claiming, and reporting across the top leading PoS blockchains.
  2. 99.9% guaranteed uptime Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all protocols operating on our enterprise-grade infrastructure.
  3. Customizable rewards and commission distribution and seamless reporting with our Luganodes terminal.

We’ve done it before, we are equipped to serve you

  • 2,000+ Development and project management hours saved
  • 6 SRE team members ready to deploy custom solutions

Leading enterprise grade standards

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The Luganodes team is eager to meet you, understand your needs, and identify the best solution for your business.

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